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2019 budget

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A surplus of approximately 1.3 billion is expected in the ordinary budget for 2019. The pleasing budgetary situation is due to the combination of high withholding tax receipts and the lower expenditure caused by the reforms rejected by voters (third series of corporate tax reforms, 2020 retirement provision). With growth of 3.1%, receipts are up on the 2018 budget, although the figure budgeted for 2018 is likely to be exceeded. Relative to the estimate for 2018, receipts will be 1.3% higher in 2019. Excluding one-time special factors, receipt growth will be 2.5% and thus slightly lower than the expected nominal economic growth rate of 2.7%. Federal expenditure will increase by 1.8%. The Federal Council and Parliament have set political priorities in the task areas of security (+7.1%) and education and research (+2.4%). The debt brake requirements will be met. The structural surplus will amount to around 1 billion. Gross debt is expected to decrease further to 96 billion in 2019.


Last modification 30.08.2018

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