Healthcare costs

Healthcare costs

A new working paper by the Federal Finance Administration shows how binding targets could curb healthcare expenditure growth.

Government debt

Government debt

How does government debt arise, and to whom does the Confederation owe CHF 100 billion? Questions and answers on the topic.



Since the beginning of 2016, federal suppliers have been obliged to submit electronic invoices. Since then, the amount of e-bills has increased to around 60%.

2019 budget

2019 budget

The Federal Council materially approved the 2019 budget with the integrated task and financial plan (ITFP) for 2020 to 2022. It expects a surplus of CHF 1.3 billion in the 2019 budget.

Key topics

On this graphic you dan see a linechart with his ups an downs

Debt brake

The rule not to spend more than you earn ensures a sustainable fiscal policy.

Debt brake

On this graphic you can see the frontside of the Swiss federal palace

Federal budget

Public finances at federal level – a transparent financial report provides detailed information on the Federal Treasury's receipts and expenditure

Federal finances at a glanceState financial statements


On this picture you can see some covers of a few publications of the Federal Finance Administration.

On this graphic you can see the borders of Switzerland.

Financial statistics

Public finances at general government level (Confederation, cantons, communes and social security funds) allow for national and international comparisons.

Reporting / Key figures

On this graphic you can see a scale in balance

National fiscal equalization

Various equalization mechanisms (e.g. resource equalization and cost compensation) reduce the cantonal differences and increase efficiency.

FFA vacancies

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08.03.2018 / 2016 State indicators

Deficit/surplus ratio (% GDP)
Tax-to-GDP ratio (% GDP)
General government expenditure ratio (% GDP)
Debt ratio (% GDP)

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