Supplementary credits

Federal Council adopts 24 supplementary credits

The Federal Council is submitting 24 supplementary credits totalling CHF 5.6 billion to Parliament. The largest one concerns the line of credit for Axpo Holding AG (4.0 bn).

The 2023 budget is available

The 2023 budget is available

Significant need for adjustment in the financial plan years 2024 to 2026

Green bonds

Green bonds

The first green Confederation bond is to be issued already this autumn. What exactly are green bonds and how has the market for them developed? Here's a brief introduction to the topic.

Covid-19: Impact on federal finances

Covid-19: Impact on federal finances

The pandemic has had a profound impact on federal finances. However, Switzerland's low government debt means that it is well positioned.

Key topics

The rule not to spend more than you earn ensures a sustainable fiscal policy.

Debt brake


On this picture you can see some covers of a few publications of the Federal Finance Administration.

Various equalization mechanisms (e.g. resource equalization and cost compensation) reduce the cantonal differences and increase efficiency.

available in German, French and Italian

FFA vacancies

On this picture you can see two employees at thier computer, one of them is smiling

Data centre

Are you looking for figures on the federal budget? You can view graphical data series in our data centre.


509.970 mn

29.03.2022 / 2021 State indicators

Deficit/surplus ratio (% GDP)
Tax-to-GDP ratio (% GDP)
General government expenditure ratio (% GDP)
Debt ratio (% GDP)

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