2022 expenditure by task area

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Development of selected 2022 expenditure items by task area

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Development of 2022 expenditure

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The decrease in coronavirus-related expenditure (2021: 14.1 bn; 2022: 3.7 bn) caused total expenditure to plunge by 8.1 % (-7.1 bn) in 2022. As nominal GDP grew vigorously at the same time (+5.4 %), the expenditure ratio dropped significantly from 12.1 % to 10.5 %. The expenditure ratio is an indicator of the extent of federal activities relative to the overall economy. Excluding extraordinary expenditure (COVID-19 measures: 3.3 bn; people from Ukraine seeking protection: 0.7 bn), expenditure was up by 1.2 billion.



Last modification 01.05.2023

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