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Development of selected 2024 expenditure items by task area

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Expenditure is budgeted at 89.7 billion for 2024. Despite adjustment measures, it is up by 4.1% (3.5 bn) on the 2023 budget (86.2 bn), which is almost twice as much as receipts (2.1%). This includes expenditure of 6.4 billion requested as extraordinary expenditure (2023 budget: 5.7 bn). Aside from the expenditure for people from Ukraine seeking protection (1.2 bn) and for the rescue mechanism for the electricity industry (4 bn), which was already budgeted as extraordinary expenditure in 2023, a one-time capital contribution for the financial stabilization of SBB is also included in 2024 (1.2 bn). Excluding extraordinary expenditure, the budget's growth rate is 3.6% (2.9 bn), which is somewhat faster than that of the economy (nominal GDP: 3.0%). The main growth areas are social welfare (federal contributions to AHV and individual premium reductions: +1.5 bn and +0.3 bn, respectively) and finances and taxes (debt interest and third parties' shares of federal receipts: +0.5 bn each).

Development of 2024 expenditure

in CHF bn and % of GDP

Expenditure growth for 2024 is set to be 4.1%. As nominal GDP is expected to grow by only 3.0%, the Confederation's expenditure ratio will rise from 10.4% to 10.5% of GDP. The expenditure ratio will decline again in subsequent years, in the absence of extraordinary expenditure. The expenditure ratio is a rough indicator of the extent of Confederation's activities relative to the overall economy.



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