The Federal Finance Administration (FFA) prepares statistics on the government units and social security funds (financial statistics). The FFA is thus one of Switzerland's main public producers of statistics, together with the Federal Statistical Office (main supplier of Swiss statistics), the Swiss National Bank (bank, financial market and balance of payments statistics) as well as other federal agencies (special statistics) and the statistics offices of the cantons and various cities and towns. The aim of financial statistics is to present a transparent picture of the revenue, finance and asset situation of Switzerland's general government sector. With the directive on quality assurance of the FFA, Financial Statistics Section guarantees the high quality of the statistics it produces.

The Financial Statistics Section provides the following services:

  1. Consolidated and harmonized financial reporting of the Confederation, cantons, communes and social security funds on the basis of the accounting models of the Confederation and of the cantons (NAM, HAM2, etc.) with the objective of national comparability.
  2. Production and reporting of internationally comparable statistics on Switzerland's public finances in accordance with the International Monetary Fund standards (GFSM 2014).
  3. Preparation of data on public finances as a basis for drawing up Switzerland's system of national accounts, particularly within the scope of the Statistics Agreement of the second series of bilateral agreements (ESA 2010).
  4. Specific evaluations and analyses of Swiss public finances.

Publication calendar 2024

Date Information
08 February 2024 Tax burden cantonal comparison (in german / french / italian)
05 March 2024 2022 Figures and initial estimates for 2023
19 March 2024 Forecast 2024-2027
29 August 2024 Figures 2023
24 September 2024 Forecast 2024-2028
05 November 2024 Fee financing and main publication

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