Submitting e-bills to the Confederation

E-billing – of course!

Electronic billing (e-billing) is an easy and secure way to submit an invoice. Instead of printing your invoice and posting it to the Federal Administration, you send your invoice data electronically or via email.

You save time and money, and your invoice can undergo swift, end-to-end digital processing.

An ideal solution for everyone

No two businesses are the same. That is why we offer various options for submitting e-bills to the Federal Administration. Choose the solution that suits you best:

Invoicing using an integrated system (ERP 

Most ERP systems already have a corresponding module that generates e-bills as a structured data file. All that remains to be done is establish a link to a service provider.

Invoice in PDF forma 

You create your invoices with an Office application (e.g. Word, Excel) or with a straightforward accounting or invoicing program. Create the invoice as a PDF file and email it directly to the Federal Administration or submit it via a service provider's portal.

Entering an invoice online

If you submit only a few invoices to the Federal Administration, simply enter the invoices in a service provider's web portal.

Last modification 17.03.2023

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