Bill us - but please electronically!

Bill us electronically

Instead of printing your invoice and posting it to the Federal Administration, send your invoice data electronically to an e-bill service provider. You can save time and money – we will process your invoices swiftly and seamlessly. Suppliers can submit invoices as structured e-bills or as PDFs via various channels.

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Submitting e-bills to the Confederation

Receiving e-bills from the Confederation

If you have a question about a specific invoice, please contact the Shared Service Center Finances:

Proportion of e-billing already over 75%

The Confederation currently receives more than 75% of its invoices electronically. Since the Confederation obliged its suppliers to submit electronic invoices, the proportion of e-bills has steadily risen from 18% in December 2014 to just over 75% in December 2021. This corresponds to around 488,000 out of a total of 650,000 invoices per year. The obligation does not apply to all invoices, as small procurements are exempt.

Approximately 25% of outgoing invoices to external clients are issued electronically (structured e-bills, PDF invoices via email). This meets a significant client need. The proportion is to be increased further.

Last modification 08.06.2022

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