Fiscal equalization: Federal Council approves definitive equalization payments for 2022

In 2022, the fiscal equalization payments will rise by CHF 91 million year on year to reach CHF 5.3 billion. The Federal Council approved the equalization payments during its meeting on 10 November 2021 within the framework of a partial revision of the Ordinance on Fiscal Equalization and Cost Compensation (FECCO).

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Negative amounts = canton receives money
Positive amounts = canton pays money

Example: In 2022, the canton of Aargau received CHF 717 per inhabitant from the fiscal equalization system.
The canton of Zug paid CHF 2594 per inhabitant into the fiscal equalization system in 2022.

Example: In 2022, the canton of Geneva had a resource index of 136.6. The mean of all cantons is 100, so the canton of Geneva is a financially strong canton.


Last modification 11.11.2021

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