Second extrapolation for 2020 confirms high deficit in federal budget

Bern, 28.10.2020 - The Confederation is reckoning on a deficit of CHF 20 billion for this year. Of this, CHF 18.1 billion is due to extraordinary expenditure aimed at cushioning the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. A surplus of CHF 0.3 billion had been budgeted. However, considerable uncertainty remains, and the increase in COVID-19 cases could have an even greater impact on the federal budget.

The Federal Council was informed about the current extrapolation at its meeting on 28 October 2020. Based on the figures up to the end of September, the Confederation expects a financing deficit of CHF 1.9 billion in the ordinary budget for 2020. The extensive federal measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic are included in the extraordinary budget, and amount to an estimated CHF 18.1 billion. Thus, as things stand today, the extraordinary expenditure envisaged in the addenda (30.9 bn including compensation) will not be fully utilised. Overall, this should result in a financing deficit of CHF 20 billion.

Owing to the current sharp rise in COVID-19 cases, considerable uncertainty is attached to these estimates, which are based on figures at the end of September.

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