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On this website, the FFA Division Economic Analysis and Policy Advice (EAPA) presents its work. The working papers of the FFA (FFA working papers; up until 2009, working papers by the FFA Group of Economic Advisors) are the key publication format of the EAPA. In its working papers, the EAPA publishes results in the field of applied and policy-oriented economic research which, as a rule, are related to the responsibilities of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF). The working papers are intended to stimulate scientific debate with interested third parties and serve as a basis for the publication of articles in selected publication bodies. Along with the working papers, the EAPA also publishes notes (up until 2009: notes by the FFA Group of Economic Advisors). These notes are brief opinions restricted to a relatively specific set of problems. They mainly serve information purposes and are not meant to be scientific contributions.

The papers of the EAPA can be downloaded directly as PDF files. The working papers are also available free of charge as brochures. This site also includes additional papers by the EAPA economists (Group of Economic Advisors) that have appeared in other publications such as economic journals. By presenting its work, the EAPA wants to facilitate dialogue with all interested persons and institutions. In this spirit, EAPA employees welcome any feedback and remarks on the work published here.

The papers prepared by the FFA EAPA do not necessarily reflect the official position of the FFA, the FDF or the Federal Council. The authors of the papers are primarily responsible for the hypotheses and any errors contained in these papers.

Climate policy, green budgeting, environmental tax reform

Foundations of fiscal policy

Background papers on the financial model

Fiscal rule ("Debt brake")

Sustainability of public finances

Distributional issues and social security

Financial markets

Business cycle and growth

Taxes and subsidies

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