Fiscal equalization: new presentation for new figures


The Federal Finance Administration has determined the cantons' equalization payments for 2024. Overall, the payments are up by CHF 305 million year on year to CHF 5.9 billion. For the first time, the fiscal equalization figures are available on the Federal Finance Administration's new data portal, where various graphical illustrations can be found.

Overall, the 2024 fiscal equalization payments will amount to CHF 5.9 billion, which is CHF 305 million more than in 2023. CHF 4.5 billion of that amount is for resource equalization and CHF 0.9 billion for cost compensation. The payments for temporary measures will amount to CHF 0.5 billion and now include supplementary contributions as well. Most of these contributions are paid by the Confederation.

The cantons of Schwyz, Graubünden and Appenzell Innerrhoden have the biggest increase in the resource index. The indices of the cantons of Bern, Zurich and Ticino are down the most. The press release and report (PDF, 1 MB, 13.06.2023) provide detailed information on the new payments (available in French and German).

Last modification 13.06.2023

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